• Stainless steel storage tanks for longer life
  • Storage sizes of 250 and 315 litres for ease of installation
  • High grade insulation to minimise heat loss
  • Highly efficient Enduro collectors with full aluminium casing
  • Enduro FTC collectors have the added feature of frost protection
  • A dedicated, state of the art, controller to pump the water through the collectors

Suitable Applications include:

  • Large apartment blocks
  • Large Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Aged Care Facilites


Save with STCs Rebates*

All Rinnai solar preheat systems are performance tested and modeled as a complete system. The energy savings are awarded STCs and can offer substantial rebates for commercial solar installations.


Save on Running Costs

Common practice is to select a solar pre-heat system to contribute around 50% of the annual energy required to heat an average day’s hot water. This works out to almost a 100% solar contribution in summer (depending on solar zone). These factors in conjunction with government incentives (where available) make solar pre-heating a shrewd and responsible investment.

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