• Outlet temperature is preset and remains constant, even when the flow varies
  • Standard temperatures available are 55ºC, 60ºC, 70ºC, 75ºC and 85ºC
  • Factory set and sealed 50ºC preset units offer site adjustable incremental temperature adjustment to deliver true 50ºC at tap
  • NSW health approved 40ºC and 42ºC are available to replace TMVs for ablution areas Must be specifically ordered as such. Local legislation dependent
  • Peak flow rate cannot be exceeded
  • No flow means no gas consumption
  • No wasteful pilot lights
  • Internal or external systems available
  • Internal system can be used with individual flueing and common flueing


Suitable applications include:

  • Sporting club change rooms - temperature set at 42ºC or 50ºC
  • Shower blocks - temperature set at 42ºC or 50ºC
  • Cafés, restaurants and pubs - temperatures set at 60ºC or 75ºC
  • Hot water wash down for manufacturing - temperature set at up to 85ºC


Manifold packs are usually used for dead leg type installations, however they can be used on flow and return ring main systems. These must have correct pipe and pump selection. For further information, please contact your Rinnai Commercial Representative.

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